The traffic on Highway 305 today costs the residents of North Kitsap County money in extended commutes, impedes the growth of the county, pollutes the environment, and aggravates our tourists.

This is a problem we’ve known about for the last decade, and one way or another we must solve it in the coming decade. Impeded or not, slow or fast, the population of the region continues onward, and with that growth will come more and more traffic.

It behooves us to discuss solutions to this problem, to understand the various options, and to plan for the moment when funding becomes available. We need alternatives to stopgap “solutions” like four lane highways that are cheaper upfront, but make the problem worse in the long run.

Of the known proposed solutions, a streetcar network best fits the rural, relaxed nature of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap County. Even if the population growth is moderate, a streetcar network provides a viable long-term, environmental solution to North Kitsap County transportation

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