Let us know what you think of this plan.  We’ll share the feedback with Kitsap Transit and the Cities of Bainbridge and Poulsbo.

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  1. EPLWA says:

    Streetcars aren’t designed for long-distance and semi-rural travel like you’re proposing.

    • streetcar says:

      What makes you say that? 100+ years ago, Seattle had an “electric railroad” network that stretched far further than 14 miles from the city center. It reached all the way down to Tacoma. The outskirts of 1900’s Seattle were far more rural than Bainbridge Island.

      Others have said that public transit doesn’t work in suburbs, but Kitsap County is unlike most American suburbs. We’re a lot like Weschester County north of New York City, or Essex County in New Jersey, with thousands of daily commuters who already ride public transit.

      Come watch the 5:30pm ferry from Seattle unload 1,000 people onto Bainbridge Island any weekday, with multiple busloads heading up 305 behind hundreds of cars flowing out of the ferry parking lots.

  2. Charles says:

    I’m with Northwest Rail, an operator in the making, and we actually propose something similar, albeit a train rather than LRT. We want to build a Magnolia-Bainbridge Tunnel and use the 305 ROW to build a track to Port Angeles and also to link it to an existing ROW near Silverdale via Highway #3.

    Let me know if you’re interested:

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