This plan was conceived by a Bainbridge Island commuter while sitting in traffic on 305. The goal of this plan is to address the growing traffic issues in North Kitsap County, specifically the fifteen miles of the Highway 305 corridor between the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal and State Route 3.

But while we are dealing with the congestion on 305, we should also be looking for solutions that can scale across the other corridors, before they too fill up with traffic, causing issues for decades before being addressed.

The Problem The Solution The Plan

Additional Benefits, Costs, Alternative Solutions, Conclusions, and Other background material


While we’re talking rail-based transit, why not connect Kitsap County to the growing Sound Transit network of light rail, connecting the whole Seattle Metropolitan Area, from Everett to Tacoma and Bremerton to Redmond.



Bremerton International Airport

Looking out into the 2030s the Seattle/Bellevue/Everett/Tacoma metropolitan region is going to need another major airport or two.  WSDOT has already started the research.  One of their recommended locations is Bremerton National Airport.  A light rail connection to Seattle would make this an ideal choice.